Have your energy bills have hit the roof, and are you are considering installing DIY attic insulation or thinking about hiring a pro? Before you start heading out to the home depot, let’s look at both pros and cons before you decide.

DIY Attic Insulation

With insulation, you need a lot of time, and it takes loads of effort to get the project done. Going the do-it-yourself route is affordable when choosing fiberglass batts or rolls. You can install them in open areas like your attic, rim joists, and crawl spaces.

Alternatively, you can use blown-in cellulose insulation but need a rented machine to get the work done. Finally, there is the option of using expensive foam boards, but you can install them yourself. Going the DIY route is cost-effective as you can work at your own pace, especially if the contractor you use cannot fit you in soon enough.

Still, it does come with cons, as mishandling the fiberglass, you end up with it in your skin or inhaling it. Also, using cellulose blowing, you need to know how to handle the machine, or it ends up going all over the place, adding more costs than expected to clean it up.

While foam board is similar to fiberglass, you need to cut them precisely for the area. If you cut wrong, you need to buy more, adding more costs. Also, as you do not have the training, the DIY method can take longer, and getting it done correctly is essential.

If anything goes wrong, you damage the home’s structure and will need to pay for the repairs. Another thing is if there is old insulation, you will need to remove and dispose of it. Then you have structural issues to consider, like missing a leaking roof as the water can become an issue.

Lastly, the effectiveness all depends on the product quality and installation.

Hiring a Professional Insulation Contractor

While it can cost more, you know the work is done right the first time. For example, you tear down drywall when you do DIY insulation. But using a pro, they know that they can insulate areas without doing this. Getting it right the first time is difficult for spray foam insulation if it is a large job.

To receive the benefits of specialized foam insulation, a contractor has the equipment to handle the job the first time for you to reap the benefits. Even the time it takes for you to do the job is cut down, and they have insurance with a license if something goes wrong and need to take care of the repairs saving you money. 

The pro insulation contractor will also remove and dispose of the old insulation. Again, they have an understanding of the building codes. The con is that it is expensive compared to your DIY insulation. Also, if there is damage to the structure and the contractor you hired is not reputable, you can pay for the repairs.

Lastly, you may need to wait for the contractor to fit you in with their busy schedule.

What Is The Best Option for You?

When hiring a contractor, you have minimal cons with pros attached. Yes, it is expensive, but the contractor can get the job done faster than you doing it at your own pace. Also, you have a set of skills that could be handyman features. But suppose you have never done handyman work before. In that case, it might be best to leave it to the professionals to get the job done effectively. Lastly, you can obtain multiple quotes from contractors to choose the proper estimate that works for you.

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