We get it, the thought of insulating your home comes with its reservations. In reality, most of the myths out there (including the ones below), come from a time when the insulation process was not as technologically advanced as today. The rest are simply rumors brought about by individuals that thought they knew better. Not only will this article hopefully give you the peace of mind you are seeking, but it also stresses the fact that leaving an important insulation project to experienced professionals is necessary for a successful installation. 

Insulation Is Not Necessary For Hot Climates

Many people think insulation = keeping warm. Actually, the purpose of insulation is to maintain the temperature inside your home. So if you live in a hot climate such as the desert, insulation is still a good idea to install, since you don’t want your precious air conditioning escaping, thus costing you more money.  

Insulation Is An Expensive And Invasive Procedure

It can be, but it doesn’t have to be! Both spray foam and blown-in cellulose are great options that don’t require taking down any walls. The only “damage” is a few holes to patch up when the job is done. Further, insulating a home should not take more than two days, depending on how large your home is. As far as expense, not only is it not incredibly damaging to your wallet in the first place, but it will end up saving you money in the future. 20-50% to be exact. Insulation is definitely a worth-it investment when you consider all the benefits.

Vapor Barriers Are Bad

It is common for people to assume that the layer of plastic over their fiberglass insulation is the culprit of moisture buildup. However, this is far from the truth. The purpose of a vapor barrier is to prevent moisture from ruining the insulation. When there is moisture behind the barrier, it is likely the cause of an underlying problem such as gaps in the insulation or leaky siding. Be sure to call up a reputable professional to come to take a look, and NEVER try to remove the barrier yourself. 

Insulation Is Dangerous

It is true that all types of insulation are capable of harming your health, but only when proper safety measures aren’t met. This is why it is so crucial to hire a licensed and insured professional that is experienced and takes safety seriously. This is because the professionals of the industry have been expertly trained so that no chemicals or fumes are exposed where they shouldn’t be. They can do this by applying protective barriers, wearing protective equipment, and even sending you away until the project is done to ensure no harm comes to you or your family.


There you have it, some of the most common home insulation myths, debunked! Now that you are a little wiser, why not proceed to the next step of meeting with a trustworthy professional? Located in the capital of beautiful Ontario is Ottawa Insulations, a five-star home insulation company. With over 40 outstandingly positive testimonials, it is clear to see that this company is just as professional as they are experienced. They surely will go the extra mile to continue to reassure that you and your family are in great hands. Make the right decision and set up a free in-home estimate with them today!

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