Spring is here, and that means that you should have a checklist of all that you need to do to ensure that your home is ready for warmer weather and functioning at its best! Here is a small maintenance checklist to use for your home this spring to ensure that you are can sit back and enjoy this warmer weather.

1. Time to check the insulation in your home

When was the last time that you checked your insulation? Most people think that insulation is something that you can place into your home and just forget about it. But, that is not the case! After 15 years, most insulation loses the ability to perform as it did before. When this happens, you could see higher energy bills and other issues. So, take the time to check the insulation throughout your home, including the attic insulation. If you find that you are smelling something damp or mildew, chances are it could be insulation that has become wet and set up mildew, or in worse cases mold. If you do find that the insulation or the attic insulation needs some TLC, then we are the pros to call to get it taken care of.

2. Check your windows.

spring home maintenance checklistDo you feel air coming in around the windows? Then this could be an insulation problem as well as a window repair needed. Check for cracks, breezes and other issues when checking the windows throughout your home.

3. Change your HVAC filters.

This is something that you need to do every month in most cases, but is also something to remember to check in the Spring. You will find that when you have tip top insulation in your home that your HVAC unit may not work as hard, which often means that your filters can last a bit longer each month.

4. Check the roof and gutters around your home.

When spring hits, then it is time to check the roof and gutters for any damage that they may have sustained over the winter months from winter storms that may have hit the area. Remember, the roof and gutters are your first line of protection from moisture getting into your insulation and home. When these are working properly, your entire home will be in much better shape.

5. Get ready for pests that may be coming into the home during the Spring.

Spring is not only a time that it gets warmer, but it is also the time that many people start to see pests coming into their home or leaving their home as they spent the winter there. Be sure that you are prepared for this. Have your home sprayed to avoid ants and other insects getting into the home, and be sure to check for any holes in which mice and other critters could get into. The last thing you want is a mouse getting into the attic insulation and bedding there!

Everything that you check for during the Spring is a way to protect the valuable asset that is your home. And we are here if you find that the insulation needs some professional work! Contact our team today.

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