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One-Year Limited Warranty by Ottawa Insulations

Ottawa Insulation provides a One Year Limited Warranty with specific conditions as outlined below:

Ottawa Insulation guarantees that the materials and workmanship we deliver are free from major defects for one year after the completion of the project. This warranty is designed specifically to cover issues related to the quality of materials and the standard of workmanship.

However, it does not cover damages or losses resulting, directly or indirectly, from issues such as roof leaks, blocked roof vents, or improper airflow affecting insulation around vents, among others listed (including third-party work, neglect of maintenance instructions provided by us, misuse, acts of god, abnormal conditions, or unauthorized repairs or alterations).

Should a legitimate warranty claim arise, Ottawa Insulation reserves the right to either repair or replace the defective component, or provide a refund or credit up to the contract’s value. These options represent the full extent of our commitment under this warranty, excluding any other warranties or conditions.

General Terms and Conditions


Ottawa Insulation will not be liable for damages arising from delays, transportation issues, external forces, or any unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. While we strive to maintain industry-standard care throughout our work, we cannot be held responsible for any water damage to the property or any structural shifts or damages post-completion.

Remaining materials post-job completion remain the property of Ottawa Insulation, and no customer credit is implied for such excess materials.

Customers are expected to indemnify Ottawa Insulation and its affiliates against claims related to hazardous materials handling that are not directly related to our scope of work.

Provisions are made for the necessary utilities to be supplied by the customer during the project’s duration.

Change orders and additional work require formal acknowledgment through Ottawa Insulation’s change order procedures.

For projects financed by insurance proceeds, Ottawa Insulation has the authorization to negotiate and receive direct payment from the insurance company. If the insurance does not cover the necessary work, the agreement may be terminated.

The contractor’s compliance with local laws and insurance coverage is a given, with no extended guarantees beyond written warranties.

Regarding spray foam applications, customers are responsible for ensuring a clean and vacated workspace. Ottawa Insulation is clear about its non-responsibility for overspray or site access post-application within a specified period.

When working in attic spaces, the possibility of minor damages to underlying areas is acknowledged, with provisions for repair quotes provided by Ottawa Insulation without direct liability.

Payment terms are clear, and actions are outlined for overdue invoices. Cancellation rights are reserved under specific conditions where the project is deemed non-feasible.

This adapted policy reflects Ottawa Insulation’s commitment to quality and client satisfaction within defined parameters, ensuring a clear understanding of warranty coverage and obligations.