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Floor Insulation

Floor Insulation

We estimate that as much as 15% of heat loss occurs through the floors of your home. By choosing a quality floor insulation when purchasing your new floors, we can help prevent unnecessary heat loss, slashing your energy bills in the process.

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Why Install New Floor Insulation?

Floor insulation is all about efficiency and making smart choices for your home or building project. Here are six main reasons to install new floor insulation:

Floor insulation helps prevent heat loss through the floors.

While insulation won’t make your floors actually feel warmer – that’s typically the job of radiant heat – less warm air will escape through the floors with insulation properly installed.

Insulation can help keep you cool in the summer months.

It’s well-known that hot air rises. By putting a barrier between the ground beneath you and your floors, you can help keep your home comfortable even when heat loss is the last thing on your mind.

Insulation can help dramatically reduce drafts.

This is most important for homes that have a crawlspace or are built above the ground. By filling potential air gaps, insulation can keep air from outside from entering your home.

You’ll effectively create a moisture barrier between the outside world and your floors.

This is especially important if you have natural hardwood floors in your home since they’re highly susceptible to moisture changes. Adding a layer of insulation can help prevent floor boards from warping or staining your wood.

Insulation can help keep pipes from freezing on those ultra-cold winter days and nights.

If your home has plumbing beneath the floors, insulation can provide a little bit of extra protection against the cold.

Floor insulation is an improvement in uninsulated spaces like your basement or garage.

While installing full insulation and ductwork will be most effective, making major upgrades in utility spaces that you don’t spend a ton of time in may not be a wise financial choice. Adding floor insulation can help without breaking the bank in the process.

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