When you find yourself in a situation in which you need insulation removal in Ottawa, we are here to make it happen! Insulation removal is not something that you want to do on your own. Why is this? Insulation, especially if you do not know when this insulation was put into your home, has been shown to cause issues for a lot of people. Many people tend to itch like crazy if they touch this. For those who have breathing issues, insulation can take their breath and send them into a coughing fit. That is, when it comes to insulation removal you want the pros to handle this as we are equipped with the right tools and protective equipment to do this without harming ourselves or your home.

Why Consider New Insulation?

insulation ottawaFor many people who consider insulation removal in Ottawa, they are doing this to upgrade their home or business to the latest insulation that is out there. But, why should you consider removing the old insulation? You may find that installing new insulation can help save on your energy costs in your home or business, paying itself within a few months of having the old removed and the new installed. We use a safe, Eco-friendly product to ensure that there will be no issues for those who live in this location.

When Do You Need Insulation Removal?

While many people remove insulation and have newly installed for energy purposes, there are also times that you need insulation removal in Ottawa. For example, asbestos insulation was used in a variety of older homes for years. Sadly, despite the health effects known of breathing in asbestos, many people are still dealing with this in their homes. Asbestos has been shown to increase the chances of having cancers when it is left in homes or businesses, thus removing this should be on the top of your list of things to get done.

Has your insulation been wet recently? Many times a roof leak can lead to insulation becoming wet. When insulation gets wet, it can be dried out. However, the problem is that when it comes to a leak, most people do not know that they have this until the insulation has been wet time and time again. This encourages mold and mildew to set up in this insulation. Mold and mildew can cause massive breathing issues and allergies for those who live in a home and it must be taken out. Insulation removal in Ottawa is the only way to have clean air again when this is the issue.

Have you had pests invade your attic or walls? This can happen, ranging from mice to bats, or even squirrels. The problem is that these pests nest into the insulation because it is warm. They then bring in food, defecate, and the like inside this insulation. This can lead to odors in the house or even breathing issues. In this case, insulation removal in Ottawa is the healthiest route to take for your home or business. Contact our team to learn more.

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