Whether you are building a new home, removing old insulation and upgrading your old home or the like, you will find that there are various types of insulation out there. When people think about insulation they often think about huge rolls of insulation that are rolled out, cut, and then stuffed into place. However, the latest insulation trend is blown in insulation. Blown in insulation in Ottawa is becoming the go-to method for those building a new home or adding insulation to an existing home. Why is this? Because if offers tons of benefits!

More Energy Efficient

Blown-in insulation in Ottawa is more energy-efficient than the rolled insulation of the past. Studies have shown that blown in insulation is often working twenty to thirty percent better than traditional insulation. When this is blown into an area it hits all those little cracks and crevices, which is something that rolled insulation has a hard time of doing unless you really pay attention.

Easy to Install

blown in insulation ottawaWhen using blown in insulation in Ottawa, it is much easier to install than traditional insulation. You will find that professionals will get this job done in almost half the time when using blown in insulation. In most cases, your average-sized house can be done in a few hours by just two professionals!

More Fire Protection

Blown in insulation has been shown to be the better insulation when it comes to being fireproof. The combination of elements in the blown in insulation is shown to greatly reduce the risk of fire because these elements create an airtight seal.

Better Soundproofing

Tired of hearing every little step throughout your house, then it could be your insulation is to blame! And imagine if it is not blocking sound, what are the chances that it is energy efficient? Blown in insulation in Ottawa has been shown to help create tighter seals in a home, which helps to mute noise not only from the outside but throughout the home and room to room.

Reduces chances of Condensation

For anyone who has had to replace insulation due to considerations setting up and causing mold and mildew to grow, they realize just how annoying this can be. The good news is that blown in insulation in Ottawa has been shown to reduce the chances of condensation. This goes back to this creating that airtight seal that helps to keep condensation and other types of moisture out completely.

Blown in insulation in Ottawa is the most effective insulation that you can have in your home or business. When you compare the old insulation to the newer blown in insulation, you will find that it is superior in all ways. When it comes to blown in insulation in Ottawa, we are the professionals to call to handle this for you. We offer free estimates for those who are looking to have this installed in their home, whether this is an established home or a new construction home. Contact our team to learn more today.

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