With the weather getting warmer and summer coming up, it is a good idea to plan on doing a thorough cleanup of your home. It is important to clean your home’s porch, deck, and siding so it looks pristine for the summer and prevents mold growth. Additionally, you should inspect and make any repairs needed to prepare for the colder months.

Power Wash the Outside

To keep your house clean and beautiful, use a power wash that has a mildew remover. This allows you to clean out any mold and mildew that is likely to grow during the summer heat and humidity. To maintain your siding for longer, make sure to power wash with a remover that is compatible with your home’s siding. Additionally, you should power wash your deck and porch since you will surely be grilling a lot with family and friends.

Checkout Your Entire Home

Make sure to do a thorough check of all of your property. Check if you need to upgrade any doors or windows and replace screens that got damaged during the colder months. You should also check your house’s siding and roof and make sure to get any repairs needed taken care of. Take a relaxing day to take care of your garden to keep your front and back yard looking beautiful and green.

Check Your Insulation

Once you checked the outside of your home, you need to look inside. Home insulation is an important component that allows you to save up in your energy bills. The insulation allows your AC to continue to work when needed since it will help keep the cold air in your home. Additionally, insulation helps your home stay warm during the colder winter months. This material can bunch up, so look for any cracks that it might need to be added. Additionally, it can get wet and cause mold and bacteria to grow in your home.

Schedule an Inspection

Summer is for you to spend quality time with your loved ones and have fun. To make sure that your home insulation is properly working and that your home is in tip top shape, Ottawa Insulation can help you with a thorough inspection of your home. Our team of experts can look for any potential problems with your roof, pests, ventilation, skylights, air or water leaks, and insulation. If you want to make sure your home is safe for you and your family, get a free quote by accessing our website.

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