Great you have all the stuff you do not use stored in the attic. Some of those possessions might be old photos or items handed down by your family for keepsake. Nevertheless, does your home have proper attic insulation? If not, learn why you should consider it.

Did you know that the attic provides a protective barrier for your house against the cold, humidity, and heat? A crucial function, especially if you have valuables stored in the loft. However, insulation not only helps for protection against elements. It does more than that. Here are some benefits of having your attic insulated. 

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

If your home is poorly insulated, outdoor pollutants from dust to mildew enter through roof air leaks. As time progresses, these airborne toxins cause damage to contents stored in the loft. Furthermore, it enters your living space, compromising the air quality. In turn, this leads to allergies and other ailments. Therefore, to enjoy a cleaner indoor environment having your home insulated leaves you with cleaner air to breathe.

Enjoy a Comfortable Living Space

A natural occurrence in the home is heat that flows from the warmer to your cooler spaces. Even if your house has a modern cooling with heating system, severe temperature drops happen when under-insulated. So, your home becomes too cold or hot faster as the temperature changes outside. For this reason, the upper floor temperature differs from the lower levels. You can find temperature differences between 10 to 15 degrees. If you have an attic, your main bedrooms you find upstairs. So when you add insulation, it provides you with a comfortable sleep at night and early mornings.

Safer Home Structure

To prevent damage to the home structure, it helps to have the attic insulated. Damage occurs from the moisture of heat building up in the roof. Furthermore, insulation prevents the water vapor from seeping through the walls causing leading to corrosion. Moreover, it slows down the heat buildup in the loft, causing shingles on the roof to crack. Another benefit is that it prevents ice dams from forming when the snow melts and refreezes on the roof’s edge. Other benefits are it prevents mold buildup preventing mitigation of the condensation.

Prevents Wear and Tear on HVAC Systems

Most old homes have many drafts caused by poor insulation. As a result, HVAC systems need to work overtime to help keep the temperature constant. In addition, if you have ductwork running through the attic, it worsens. With proper attic insulation, the cool air does not linger at lower levels as the heat rises, leaving less wear on the HVAC unit. In turn, this leads to less heat in summer or heat loss during winter.

Want To Lower Your Utility Bill

A fantastic way to achieve this is with attic insulation. You can reduce your utility bill up to 70%. When the roof has proper insulation, you can save 15% on both cooling and heating costs. In addition, air sealing the home saves 11% on your total energy costs. Furthermore, the home design, type of heating system, and your family lifestyle affect the costs.

Will Insulation be Worth It in the Attic

When you look at all the benefits, the answer is yes. So if you’re considering attic insulation, Ottawa Insulations is ready to help. Get your free estimate now with reasonable rates and quality workmanship. One thing you can feel assured of everything takes place in a safe and eco-friendly way. The best part is you can reduce your annual energy costs up to 50%.

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