What is an economical way to help improve the energy efficiency in your home? The best option is using polyurethane spray foam. The foam is durable and resistant to heat transfer. One thing is sure you cannot find a better option available than using spray foam. Great, but what does it cost. Well, it depends on different factors and the service provider you use. At the most, spray foam insulation can cost $7 per square foot but varies from one supplier to another. Therefore, to help you understand better, we need to look at what influences the cost.

What Factors Affects Spray Foam Insulation Costs?

The main two factors of a home insulation project are the material and space.

Insulation Material Costs

The best insulation for most buildings is spray foam for different reasons.

  • It has a high R-Value (heat transfer resistance)
  • The foam forms an airtight seal resistant to moisture and mold.
  • Furthermore, it can save up to 50% on your energy bills.

Therefore, these qualities usually outweigh your upfront costs to have spray foam insulation done. Other options you can use are mineral wool, cellulose, or fiberglass, each with its own benefits. Some materials you can combine to form a barrier to keep the budget low. Nevertheless, spray foam is your gold standard and an excellent investment to provide you with comfort in the home. With time, the insulation pays for the cost of the material while saving you money on the power bill.

What Part of Your Building Needs Insulation?

Asking this question plays a crucial part in the price. For this reason, it is best to contact an expert to provide you with an assessment of the space that needs insulation. With a home energy audit, the person can identify places where the home’s losing energy. The fantastic thing is that spray foam you can install in skylight shafts, garage, crawl spaces, attic, to the basement. So as spray foams prices are by the sq. ft., it depends on where you want it installed. 

Will the Old Insulation Need Removing?

It depends on the age or selection used during the construction. If the insulation is ineffective or degraded, yes. The best results you can only achieve when removing the old insulation. While it can add costs to the overall project, it is crucial to make the foam effective. Not remove the old insulation can cost you more down the road. The reason is that the closed-cell spray foam expands, creating a barrier. When you apply the new insulation, it becomes unstable, leading to moisture buildup and poor insulation. Therefore, it is not worth that risk.

Learn More about Spray Foam Insulation in Ottawa Today

You have a budget, right. So, you need to keep in the price range you have in mind. At Ottawa Insulations, we start with an energy audit of your home. Then, based on the findings, we provide you with recommendations and quotes to have your home spray foam insulated to save on energy costs. Get a free estimate today by completing the form online or give us a call. We are standing by to help.


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