Do you cringe when looking at your high utility bill? Yes, we know how you feel, as this happens in many homes. Nevertheless, how can you save energy to keep your living costs low? Here are some helpful ways to save on your household’s energy use.

#1 Adjust Your Living Lifestyle

There is no need to go and spend thousands on energy-efficient products. All it takes are some simple changes from turning off lights not used. Other changes are washing the dishes by hand instead of starting up that dishwasher. Do you use a tumble dryer, then it helps to hang dry your clothes. These minor adjustments help with utility saving costs from turning down the heat in winter or adjusting that AC to less in summer.

#2 Use CFL and LED Light Bulbs

Yes, incandescent bulbs conserve more electricity than CFL and LED light bulbs combined. You can save up to 80% on your bill, and they last longer compared to traditional ones. While more expensive, they provide efficient energy-saving costs in the end.

#3 Get Smart Power Strips

When electronics are in standby mode or turned off, the phantom load is a significant source of wasted energy. Electronics in standby mode consume up to 75%, costing you a lot a year. A smart power strip eliminates phantom loads shutting the power of electronics off when not in use.

#4 Use Smart Thermostats

Using a programmable thermostat automatically switches off the cooling and heating when you’re away or sleeping. Doing this eliminates energy waste without the need to upgrade the HVAC system. You can save on average $180 per year using one.

#5 Saving Costs with Energy Efficient Appliances

Now, we are not saying go and spend all your money. You can do this gradually when your appliances fail to work. Instead of spending money on that cheap fridge, spend a bit more on buying one that is energy efficient instead. Look for Energy Star Rated products consuming less power when used.

#6 Bring Your Water Heating Expenses and HVAC Use Down

Yip, this is a significant contributor to your energy consumption. Invest in energy-efficient water heaters when the time comes to replace them. Alternatively, you can use less hot water, turning the thermostat down and having it insulated as well. If you plan to replace it, pick a tankless one to save on your power bill. The same applies to the HVAC system consuming more than 40% of energy in the home. Choose an ENERGY STAR model to save a big chunk on your bills.

#7 Insulate Your Home

The pivotal role in lowering the utility bill is to retain heat in winter and keep it out of your home in summer. To be able to achieve this, home insulation can help. The recommended R-value or level of heat resistance depends on where you live. In warmer climates, the R-value is lower compared to colder regions. Furthermore, it depends on how big an area needs insulation. Some places that need insulation are crawlspaces, the basement, floors, attic, and walls.

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Conserve Energy Today

It is essential and beneficial to save money, protect the environment, and increase your property value. By taking simple energy-saving measures, you can save costs on your monthly bill without getting a shock. The small steps mentioned provide you with energy-conscious living to enjoy the other perks instead of spending it on your electricity bill.

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