Is your room above your garage too cold or too hot? Well, if it is, the likeness is that the air is rising through the floor. Yes, it is a common problem as the garage is unheated compared to the rest of your house. In addition, your garage is one of the places most exposed to the outside and under-insulated. So here are some tips to make your room comfortable.

#1 Hang Some Drapes and Put down a Carpet

To add some warmth to a tile or wood floor, you can install wall-to-wall thick rugs or carpets. You can add heavy insulated drapes to your windows to prevent the heat from escaping. Include some throw pillows or place some Moroccan floor cushions to your theme. Another great way is to weatherproof your windows and is a big help.

#2 How well is Your Heating or Cooling System Working

Having a good heating and cooling system helps, especially with central heating systems. The problem is that sometimes it does not extend to the garage. The best is to add ductwork as an addition to your garage. However, if not feasible, you have other options using a space heater circulating the air throughout the room. Other options are a radiant floor heating system warming the floor. Okay, unfortunately, it will lead to a higher power bill. So you can always opt for the next best thing: garage insulating.

#3 Upgrade the Garage Ceiling Insulation

While the garage ceiling has insulation, it may not have the correct insulation. In most cases, building contractors use fiberglass-leaving gaps where cold or hot air goes through. With spray foam insulation, it fills up those gaps to close them off, preventing airflow. The best part of using spray foam is you can use it around your existing insulation or have it entirely replaced by having it removed.

#4 Add Floor Insulation to the Room

This method is a great option but is not nearly as thick as having the garage ceiling insulated. It does cost less to install. When this type of insulation is done, insulation companies add an underlayment between the subfloor and the top layer. These insulation materials can be from polystyrene to synthetic cork. But the process involves removing and reinstalling the floor.

#4 Insulating the Ceiling and Walls

To provide the room with the best insulation, you can add insulation to the ceiling and walls of the room. Here spray foam works as the best option to fill up all the cracks to prevent air from entering from outside.

#5 Install an R-Value Garage Door

One last approach is to add a well-insulated garage door. Like home insulation, the garage door also has an R-value, and the higher the number, the more insulation it provides. But if you want to eliminate cold or hot air from moving to the room, having spray foam insulation done is the best solution for you.

Get a Professional Spray Foam Insulation Done

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