Having home insulation done is a great option when you want cold or heat out of the home. But what is better, closed-cell or open-cell spray foam.

Ottawa Insulation is here to help answer that question as we know how important insulation is for your home. You already know that insulation slows down heat movement or heat transfer. Furthermore, you get different types of spray foam insulation and one of the best choices you can make. It is eco-friendly and provides a thermal barrier as well as an air barrier. But deciding which one works for you comes down to the following:

What is Open Cell Spray Foam?

Open-cell spray foam comprises polyurethane and can contain other raw materials such as soybean oil. Furthermore, the R-value you will find is a bit lower compared to your closed cell spray foam. Compared to closed-cell foam spray, open-cell products are a bit more susceptible to fluctuating temperatures.

The spray foam you can apply to the roof, ceiling, or walls. Moreover, another main difference with the lower density is that it does have less power to trap sound, air, and is not as waterproof. When used in colder climates you may need added vapor retarders with some of the applications to mitigate these problems.

So if you live in an area where moisture is of concern it might not be for you.

What is Closed Cell Spray Foam?

Compared to open-cell foam spray, the closed-cell product has a higher density with heat flow resistance. It has the same structure of polyurethane and can expand a lot of the original size. Therefore, it fills up more in cracks to seal them off. You apply it primarily to crawlspaces, ceilings, roofs, knee walls, and the attic.

Furthermore, the substance sticks to a rigid surface and does not fail like other insulation options. The most significant advantage of this insulation method is it is the best vapor barrier and waterproof. It helps reduce moisture that usually leads to mold concerns. Therefore, it needs no added vapor retarder or hindrance.

While more costly it is a worthy investment with long-lasting effects.

The Best Spray Foam Insulation in Ottawa

Having spray foam insulation done in your home in Ottawa is the best insulation you can have. It is energy efficient and you can use it in different applications throughout your living space. Ottawa Insulation provides you with both open cell and closed cell spray foam insulation. Contact us today to discuss your insulation concerns. With our help and free estimate, we can determine together what works best for you.


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