Insulation contractors are simply specialized contractors. Their job is to install thermal insulation in your home to solve a whole host of issues that could severely damage your property during extreme weather conditions.

What do Insulation Contractors do?

Insulation contractors are responsible from day one of your insulation projects to do the following;

  1. Review the area where the insulation is needed. 
  2. Assess the blueprints.
  3. Source materials and deliberate over which is the best course of action.
  4. Insulate property correctly to ensure it is protected from the cold, heat, and moisture.

Types of Insulation Contractors

Insulation contractors can be further specialized by method or by type of work.

Residential Insulation Contractors

Working closely with homeowners, insulation contractors with a residential specialization seek to add insulation to existing homes or incorporate it into new builds. 

In the case of existing homes, insulation contractors will access the home, understand the challenges the property faces, and try to fix each issue. They’re fully aware that insulation can solve a ton of problems such as;

  • Energy consumption and High energy bills.
  • Drafts in the home.
  • Damage to pipes when cold weather freezes them.
  • Pesky Ice dams.
  • Regulate temperatures to avoid rooms being too hot or cold.

With the construction of new homes, insulation contractors work with contractors to ensure these problems are never experienced by future residents. 

Commercial & Industrial Insulation Contractors

When it comes to commercial and industrial properties, these specialized insulation contractors work alongside builders, architects, and project managers to meet stringent building codes. 

Commercial and industrial insulation contractors work on all types of non-residential buildings. For example, they insulate buildings such as schools, hospitals, office buildings, factories, etc.

When an insulation contractor specializes in commercial and industrial, they rarely cross over and work on residential insulation. This is partly due to how commercial and industrial insulation companies are structured.

Forever Problem Solving

Insulation contractors are problem solvers at heart. They’re coming in to insulate your home or business, but they’re solving problems that have long existed. Some of these problems you may not have noticed, and some you may have gotten so used to by now, you no longer realize it is a problem.

Comfort Issues

When it gets hotter and colder, depending on the season, you may have noticed your house gets hit really hard with intensive variations of the outside temperature. So when insulation contractors come and insulate your home, they’re looking to minimize or eradicate the issue entirely to regulate your home’s temperature.

Solving Annoyances and Saving you Money

You are a busy person who doesn’t have time to deal with the annoyance of what a cold front or heatwave might do to your home.

Insulation contractors work to make sure annoyances like this never happen. This not only gives you peace of mind, but it also saves you money. No more replacing pipes or worrying about the foundation.

High Energy Bills

One thing insulation contractors know is that proper insulation can lead to a reduction in energy bills. So they’re counting on that as a significant point of interest for people on the fence about going through with the process. 

Nobody should be against insulating their home, considering how dangerous it can be to live in an area with extreme weather conditions. However, if there is some doubt, saving money long term is always a great sales pitch.

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