The statistics for how many homes in certain countries are actually insulated properly might shock you. They’re not good, and they’re not getting better any time soon. So don’t be a part of the negative statistics when it comes to protecting your home and saving money in the long run.

We’re going to tell you the five top areas of your home that need insulation, like yesterday!


Have you ever gone into your basement and thought, ‘why is it so cold in here?’ Well, the likely answer is that your basement just isn’t insulated, and if it is, it’s probably not done right. When you properly insulate your basement, it doesn’t just add warmth to the area, but it also helps prevent pests and mold, which can affect your entire home.

Properly insulating your basement means your heating and cooling systems don’t have to overwork themselves to keep your home temperature regulated.


When your attic isn’t insulated, heat escapes your home through the roof and is replaced with the cold/cool air from outside. For these reasons, you need to prioritize your attic when it comes to insulating your home, especially in preparation for the winter season.

Properly insulating your attic will keep your home both Winter and Summer ready by keeping it warm and cool when necessary.   


Insulating your walls is a big aid to comfort as it can prevent air from escaping through the walls. In addition, when you insulate your walls, you’re preventing the drafts from ever occurring by creating a barrier between the outside and the inside of your home through interior/exterior wall insulation.

A big plus to insulating your walls is that they help dampen sound so you can get a touch more privacy in your home, from room to room.


Floors in rooms like the garage, crawl spaces, etc., should be insulated because when they aren’t, you allow conditioned air and heat to get lost. When you insulate your floors, you’re reducing the risk of moisture, preventing drafts, and most importantly, retaining cooled and heated air.


The biggie is always the ceiling. Winter can be a difficult time for your home to keep up and retain the necessary heat to keep you and your family warm. As the heat rises, an inadequate (or non-existent) insulation job can leave your home, giving away heat, and in the Summer, it can make the heat far worse.

Insulating your ceiling means you’re not going to get drastic shifts in temperature because your home will be able to keep up with the varying temperatures of the seasons. Furthermore, you’re preventing a host of potential problems that you could face, like condensation, mold, and other threats to your home.

Final Thoughts

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