As time passes, we seem to become more focused on preserving the Earth. The size of our carbon footprint and the eco-friendliness of the items we use matter. We’ve found a way to recycle almost everything, from plastic bottles to construction materials. Before tossing things out, we find ourselves asking whether the object can be reused or recycled. This is true of insulation as well. Can insulation be reused and recycled?

Made From Recycled Materials

One eco-friendly bonus of insulation is that the materials used to create it come from recycled materials. Denim insulation is primarily made from old denim jeans. Cellulose insulation is made of plant fibers and recycled materials. Wool insulation is made entirely from a renewable resource. Although these forms of insulation are created from recycled materials, they are often difficult to recycle after use.

Recycling Old Insulation

Recycling old insulation can be a difficult and time-consuming practice. This is because recycled materials are often mixed with materials containing acids or plexiglass. These non-recyclable materials would need to be separated before recycling. The process of separating the recyclable materials from the non-recyclable materials can be very difficult.


Reusing Old Insulation

In the race to be more eco-friendly, our first instinct is to recycle, so we sometimes forget that many items can simply be reused. Insulation is one of those things that are easy to reuse. Insulation has a specified range in lifespan that depends on many factors. Many of these factors may only degrade the usefulness of a small area of insulation. 

Next time you replace your old insulation consider keeping the old insulation that is still in good shape and ridding your home of the wet, moldy, or mildewed pieces. Doing this allows you to install less insulation and reuse the insulation that does not need to be thrown out yet.

Removal Challenges

While it may be very difficult to recycle your installation, there are many other challenges to removal. To start, insulation is typically held in hard-to-reach areas such as walls and attics. Another challenge related to the removal of insulation is that mold, water, dirt, and dust build-up on the surface of insulation over time. The removal process is often a dirty one.

Consult A Professional

Professional Ottawa Insulation experts could help you determine what to do with the old insulation. They may offer to recycle the insulation for you or they may encourage you to leave the insulation and apply new insulation over the top of it. Provided that the old insulation is not dirty or damaged, it does not necessarily have to be removed. Let a professional deal with the disposal and clean-up associated with the removal of insulation.

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