We all know that everything is going up in cost worldwide. Bills are no different. The average cost of gas bills nowadays is $100 dollars monthly. As much as this seems odd to you, we all know that gas bills can go even higher than that per month. You may be wondering what could be causing this, and multiple issues could be making your gas bill rise, but air leaks, drafts, and cold floors are a few signs that poor insulation might be a big part of the problem.

Here’s Where The Problem Lies

Having your bill rise in cost and not knowing its cause or how to fix it can be terribly stressful, especially in these times. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. We know that there are many causes of higher bills, but there are a few issues that we can pinpoint for you to check out in your own home. If you continue reading below you will see that there can be three major problems that actually involve the insulation in your home.

Old Insulation in the Attic

If you have old or no insulation in the attic, this can be a problem, and this can result in all your heat rising and leaking through your roof, which can cause damage in a number of ways. Making sure the insulation in the attic is of good quality and that there’s enough is key to keeping your heat inside your home.

Little to No Insulation in the Walls

Having little to no insulation in the walls means that all your heating is going to waste. The issues here are that you will have drafts, cold walls, freezing rooms, and frosty windows, which will cause you to turn up the heat even more and raise your gas bill. Call professionals to come and look, and they’ll let you know what you need to do to insulate your walls properly.

Empty Crawl Spaces

Having no insulation in your crawl spaces can make things even worst for you during the winter season. In this scenario, you have more serious issues to deal with. Cold floors, drafts blowing up in your ductwork, and pipes have the potential to freeze and burst in this state. Making sure all those crawl spaces are filled with good quality insulation can save you so much money.

There can be many issues that are the cause of why your gas bill is going up so high, but a good bit of these problems can be resolved easily. Calling a professional to come and look around to inspect all your insulation areas can save you in the long run and prevent your gas bill from going any higher than it should be. With Ottawa Insulation, we can guarantee a job well done by our professionals. If you would like to get an estimation, please visit our website here for more information. Our professionals are waiting to hear back from you.