Renovating an attic can be a hard thing to do since there are so many options of what to do with it. It is overwhelming, but the result is worth the effort. A new space in the house is always appreciated, and it can help improve your life quality. Here are some attic renovation tips to get the best attic possible. 

Be sure that it is safe

Enforcement varies, but you must ensure that your attic supports the extra weight you want to put in it. Hire an engineer. This is essential if you want to make sure that your attic is safe and, therefore, your house integrity is secure as well. Overall, most codes say that half of a finished attic must be at least 7 feet high and have 70 square feet, a minimum of 7 feet wide.

Be aware of where you are installing the new bathroom

If you think of installing a new bathroom, site it above a kitchen or a bath to minimize the distance between the new plumbing and the existing one. That will allow you to reduce costs and limit the damage inflicted on your walls.

Sometimes it is possible to tie new pipes to old ones, but the best is to run the attic’s supply and drain lines to the basement. If possible, you should hire a professional to help you with this process.

Install a ceiling fan

Instead of having A/C, you can install a ceiling fan. It helps to keep the area cooler during summer and hotter during winter, and it is less expensive. Since it is a ceiling fan, it doesn’t occupy as much space as a regular fan.

Use natural light

The attic has the benefit of being higher than the rest of your house. Therefore, enjoy the natural light that the room has, and avoid using artificial light until it is late. Think of the natural light while building it to prioritize windows and more.

Build proper access

You must build proper access to your new room. For example, if you are going to make a bedroom, you must think about the staircase, since the building standard requires a regular one. However, it takes a lot of space. Therefore, you can try to repurpose an existing closet as a staircase. You can store items underneath the new staircase.

Install insulation

Insulation is essential in any home, and one of the critical places to have insulation is in the attic. It helps to keep the house warmer during winters and colder during summers. Besides, it helps with moisture. So don’t spare money when it comes to insulation, and use the material adequate to the attic.

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