No one denies the multiple benefits that Insulation brings to your home. It offers more fire protection, is a significant noise level reduction, and can help you make your house warmer or colder. Let’s see how you can cut energy bills by insulating your home, and let’s save money in all the seasons.

Why does Insulation Help to Cut Energy Bills?

Insulation traps little pockets of air, so it slows down the movement of heat out of your during winter, making the house warmer, and into the home during summer, making the house colder. Therefore, if you have proper insulation installed, you spend much less on A/C and heater. The R-Value is an essential measure since it shows how well the insulation does this cut. The higher the number, the better.

Roof and Loft Insulation

A house can lose up to 25% of heat through the roof without insulation, so installing a loft and roof insulation is a fantastic way to lower your heating bills. The loft insulation will pay for itself many times during its 40-year lifetime if properly installed.

The loft insulation is a good choice if your loft has no condensation or damp problems and is easy to access. Before choosing to do this insulation, think about the storage space, ventilation, if your roof is flat or not, etc. Consider the details.

Cavity Wall Insulation

A third of all the heat lost in a house without Insulation escapes through the walls, so having wall insulation is a great way to reduce energy bills. However, there are some different types of walls. The U.S is famous for its cavity walls, built mainly after the 1920s.

The cavity wall insulation is usually made by injecting the insulation material into the cavity from the outside. Fundamentally, a specialist insulation professional does this process since it must be done correctly to reduce the energy cost.

Solid Wall Insulation

Solid walls are a part of many residences around the world. The process of installing insulation in it is different from the process on a cavity wall, and it is even harder, so please remember to hire a professional when it comes to solid wall insulation. It is also easier to install it when you already have some building or decorating work since it helps save some money.

When the matter is solid wall insulation, you must choose between the internal and the external type. Each one has benefits and negative aspects, so choose carefully.

Floor Insulation

The floor insulation is very famous, and it is one of the best types if you want to reduce noise levels. It can save a lot of money in a year, and while it makes your house warmer, it also reduces draughts. However, there are some details that you need to think about before installing it, like the type of floor that you have.

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