What you need to know before choosing a particular spray foam for your home

If you’ve found your way to this blog, you’ve probably already read about the particular benefits of using spray foam: it fits a diverse set of needs, saves energy, is economically friendly, and can easily uniform to different locations in your home. 

It’s a pretty great option to choose for your project, no doubt. But what about the different kinds of spray foam? Now that we’ve touched on the general benefits of spray foam, let’s go ahead and get a little more specific: 

High density ADF advantages 

Here we have the densest option. Think of this one for your roofing or exterior insulation needs.  Spray foam in general can be a game changer when it comes to conserving energy, but the high-density option in particular will save costs over a roof’s lifetime, as it has high thermal resistance properties. 

You’re also going to get great protection against water and air infiltration. This will increase your building’s ability to withstand damage that may be caused during periods of high winds. 

Medium Density ADF advantages

Here we have a type of insulation better suited to interior wall cavity fill, continuous insulation, and applications in unvented attics. 

This level of density acts as a water and air barrier, as well as—get this—a potential option for reducing noise. 

The benefits of this spray foam can depend on the particular climate and type of building, so make sure to discuss this with your contractor

Low Density ADF advantages 

And finally, let’s talk about your lowest density option. Why go for a lower density option? It can actually remain relatively soft and flexible after curing, providing heat insulation, and the sealing of airflow cracks, joints and seams. 

Choose this option for your walls, unvented attics, to ducts and ceilings. It will also be permeable to vapour and moisture. 

And again, another delightful consequence is the absorption of sound. 

There you have it—your different kind of spray foam. Which one sounds the most enticing for your project? Are you thinking more about resistance to heat, or the resistance to sound? These are important considerations for your home or buildings, and our Insulation teams in Ottawa are available to discuss them with you. Contact us to begin this conversation.

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