If you’ve heard of blown-in insulation but never quite knew what it was, then it’s time to change all that! When it comes to blown-in insulation, we know what we’re doing, and we’re happy to explain the process to better equip you with the knowledge of the process. 

What is Blown-in Insulation?

Blown-in insulation is exactly as it sounds – blown into spaces with a machine that forces small glass spheres through a hose and injects them between your walls. Blown-in insulation offers an excellent solution to insulate homes cost-effectively because it does not require the removal of the existing insulation, which can save you money.

blown in insulationPrepping for Blown-in Insulation

To ensure blown-in insulation works to its full potential, the home must be prepared. Any insulation company will need access to all exterior walls so they can inject the material. This may require you to take out some wall decorations or furniture lodged against an exterior wall. You will also want to ensure your home is free of any flammable materials.

What is the Process of Blown-in Insulation?

The blown-in insulation company will first come to your home and inspect the exterior walls. If a wall does not have enough space between it and another, or if there are small channels carved into the walls for wiring, the blown-in insulation process may take longer. This is because they must fill these areas with foam before continuing with blown-in insulation.

Before blown-in insulation can begin, the insulation company will drill some air holes into the exterior walls. These air holes are drilled haphazardly, so no two holes are next to each other. The blown-in insulation material is blown in through these small holes and fills up all of the space around your home’s exterior walls. They will also need to cut the windows within your exterior walls so more blown-in insulation can fill up all of the remaining space.

Once blown-in insulation is completed on one side of your home, you will then need to repeat these steps for the other side. Once blown-in insulation is blown into both sides of your home, blown-in insulation work will be complete.

Blown-in Insulation Cost

The blown-in insulation process can be completed quickly and for a reasonable cost – especially if you compare blown-in insulation costs to the costs of removing older insulation and blown-in insulation in order to replace it with new blown-in insulation.

Blown-in insulation can cost around $1 per square foot, which will vary depending on the blown-in insulation company you choose and your location. For example, blown-in insulation costs in Alberta may be higher than blown-in insulation costs in Ontario.

It’s essential to choose a blown-in insulation company that has been in business for quite some time and has a strong customer base. Take the time to look at blown-in insulation company reviews to ensure you have chosen the best blown-in insulation company before

Final Thoughts

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