A vital part of a building, whether commercial or residential, is insulation. Having insulation keeps the living space cool in summer and warm in winter. Furthermore, it reduces your energy consumption and helps remove carbon emissions. Now it is more important than ever to provide your work or home with sustainable energy using insulation. But we know that you heard about all the myths, and we want to provide you with actual facts.insulation ottawa

It is Costly to Install Insulation

For the past number of years, you can get a grant from The Canadian Greener Homes available to most homeowners. Thus, to prevent the costly expenses of having insulation, you can apply for this grant to save you money. So, you can get a return on your investment for a comfortable living space and save on your power bills.

Low U-values matter

Yes, a low U-value does matter, but you must look at more than the numbers when you do insulation. You should install insulation as part of your whole-home approach using best practices and done correctly. For example, using quality installers, consider different things like draught-proofing and airtightness to seal moisture.

When installing insulation, the correct way helps eliminate thermal bridging and condensation risks to low surface temperatures. For example, Ottawa Insulation ensures that values remain above the 0.75 figure to protect against mold growth with proper ventilation for clean air.

Insulation Can Damage the Structure

When insulation is installed correctly using a professional insulator, there is no damage to the structure. Before installation, an on-site survey of the whole home is done to find the best location for the type of insulation you use. An experienced installer can identify issues before recommending insulation with alternative solutions. 

Insulation Only Helps in the Winter

You get year-round insulation with your investment. During the winter, your living space is warm, while it keeps your home cool in summer. With adequately installed insulation, it slows down the movement of heat between your living spaces to keep indoor temperatures comfortable in heat or cold outside. In addition, when you use your air conditioner, you save money on the power bill, and the same applies in winter using your boiler.

You use Insulation Only for Energy Saving and Efficiency

With insulation, it increases your comfort level in your house to increase the occupant’s health. While the main benefit is energy savings and efficiency, it is not the only benefit. External insulation makes the outside of the home look fresh, choosing a range of colours with textures to fit in with your lifestyle and needs.

Furthermore, using pipe insulation, you can enjoy soundproofing to soften outside noise and vibrations. Lastly, it can protect against corrosion damage on pipes, ducts, and condensation forming. Still, it can also increase your building energy rating while increasing the home value.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the myths with facts concerning home insulation. The important thing is to take a whole-home approach using a professional insulation installer to have the insulation done. Then, with the help of an expert, they provide you with the best insulation material and methods to use in your living space.

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